Massage Envy?

Dear Reader,

I want to share with you a great gem I have recently discovered.  A little background first.

Over the past couple of years, my job has really taken a toll on my body. The physical stresses of being a stewardess can be brutal.  Lifting, bending and twisting, hauling luggage that weighs more than I do through airports; not to mention fighting turbulence on any given day.  Then top it off with lousy beds and lumpy pillows.  Could it be that I'm no longer a young chick? Of course that's part of it.

If you have had a chance to read my post about fitness (Flying Fit), then you know that I a workout enthusiast.  It's so important to keep yourself strong, especially as you age.  The stronger you are, the less likely you will injure yourself.  I'm not referring to just big arms, although they are kind of sexy; but I mean overall strength from your core on out.  And your core is not just your abs; it's also your back. Be mindful of this when you are looking for a good workout routine.  A trainer is a great place to start if you are not familiar with certain exercises.  FORM IS EVERYTHING!  Bad form not only keeps you from working your muscles properly, it causes injury, too.  Be sure to learn good form.

With that being said, though you may do everything correctly, there are times when things still go awry. Alas, my plight exactly.  I have degenerative disease in my spine.  I have discs that impinge on nerves, and because the nerves are not happy this affects my muscles. So then the muscles get tight and effect the nerves that run through them.  Good grief! It's a viscous cycle.

Now for this gem I want to tell you about.  My pain doctor recommended this amazing contraption.  It's called a "physical therapy percussion massage gun".  Here is the one I purchased on Amazon.  It's my new best friend. It has made a significant difference in my pain levels.  It's like getting a deep tissue massage right in your own home - any time you want!  It's a little spendy, but when you consider what a massage costs, this baby will pay for itself in a just a few uses.  It's one of the best purchases I have made for myself. It was worth every cent.  May I suggest you read about these P? Even if you have no significant problems, it's a wonderful way to cool down after a hard workout or just treat yourself to an in-home-any-time massage.  Your muscles will thank you!

Thanks for reading! Ciao!



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