The Amazing World of Essential Oils

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Essential Oils** are incredible!  They are used in homemade skin/body care to natural health & wellness remedies.

I find recipes on Pinterest.  Please feel free to sneak a peak at my do-it-yourself (DIY) Skin Care Pinterest Board to see my favorites.  You can click this link to check it out. On this same board, you will find essential oil charts that give you great information as to which oils are used for what specific application, malady or treatment. One of the 'must haves' in your collection is good respiratory blend. Here is my favorite.  Whenever I feel the slightest bit run down I put a few drops in my diffuser.  I allow it to 'percolate' and fill my room with this lovely healing concoction.  I have not had a cold or flu in several years. (Of course, I truly believe this is mostly due to the diet/lifestyle I adhere to.)

When applying an essential oil directly to your skin, most if not all, will need to mixed (diluted) with some kind of carrier. Typically the carrier is oil such as coconut, avocado, olive, apricot, almond, etc. However, in skin care products, they will not need to be diluted since you will be using other ingredients that will act as "carriers".  It is important to read the recipe instructions when creating your own skin care products.  Probably the most important rule to note will be to always add essential oils at the end of creation process. So it will going into a cooled mixture or at the very least, a mixture that has been removed from the heat source.  This will ensure that you do not lose the important healing components of the oil.

When using the oil in a diffuser the "carrier" will simply be distilled water. Follow the instructions on how to use oils in your particular diffuser.  I love this one!

** I purchase my oils on Amazon.  They are much more cost effective than the big 'brand' name oils. However, no matter the brand(s) you decide to purchase, just be sure to get a good reputable seller dealing only with the pure, undiluted oils. Read reviews.

Artizen is one of my favorite sellers of Essential Oils on Amazon.  I feel they are pure, natural and fairly priced. The scents are lovely.

Thanks for reading! Ciao!

~ Barbie


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