OH! Those Beautiful Lashes!


It's been the rage for several years now cultivating those long and beautiful eye lashes by increasing their growth , including length, thicknes, and darkness.

Here's the scoop!

Once upon a time there came along an eye drop used to treat glaucoma (One brand name is Lumigan). As time went on, lo and behold, it was discovered that a 'side effect' to using this eye drop caused eye lashes to grow. Now, of course, this may not be the case with all people just as not all people experience the same side effects of any given medicine. Generally, when we hear the term "side effects" we think of them in the negative.  Not so with Lumigan!

Because this is such an amazing and POSITIVE side effect, the pharmaceutical company brainstormed! "HEY! Let's market this as a topical source to be applied directly to the eyelid/lash area and make a TON of money!" VOILA!  LATISSE!

The application is easy. I squeeze a single drop into the bottle cap and dip a small makeup brush in to soak it. Simply apply the liquid along the bottom edges of your lashes where they meet your eyelid.  Begin at one corner of your eye and end at the other. Use one drop per eyelid.

This is so remarkably easier than spending a lot of time, money and upkeep on 'falsies' from a lash salon. I have known so many (not all) gals that have ruined their lashes by using the fake ones.  It's just like the old acrylic nails used to have a tendency to ruin your natural nails. Latisse works on/with your own lashes.

I save a lot of money on mascara.  I use very little now. . . just enough to darken up my lashes a bit.  Truth be told, if I use too much, I end up with lashes past my eyebrows.  At 24 that may be attractive; I'm 54 so it's not my style.  I love natural, healthy looking eyelashes - and my lashes live happily ever after!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is the GENERIC - not the brand Latisse.  The ingredient is identical which is Bimatoprost .03% solution.  It is a 3 ML bottle.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  I am not a physician nor medical professional.  Consult with your medical professional prior to using any medications or supplements. For information regarding safety information and potential side effects of using Latisse see this website.

A brand new sealed bottle is $40. My current stock expires 5/2020

Buy more than one bottle to receive a discount.
2 Bottles = $75
3 Bottles = $100

I am happy to ship to you with a PayPal, Venmo or Zelle Payment.
$5 flat rate no matter how many bottles you order.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks for reading! Ciao!

~ Barbie


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