Adapto - what?

Dear Reader,

For those of you who may be struggling with hormones as I once did, here is some fabulous news that may be helpful for you. 

First, I will tell you that I and my doctor tried for over 2 years to get my hormones balanced naturally all to no avail. I refused to do synthetic hormones, insurance did not pay for the bio-identical supplements and so was quite frustrating and expensive.  

I am now post menopausal so things are winding down for me; however, they provide so many health benefits I still use them. 

I'd like to share with you about these fabulous wonders I discovered; and how they finally DID help to calm the night sweats, hot flashes, and most all of the other "lovely" (dripping sarcasm) experiences menopause has to offer.

These incredible blessings are called Adaptogens. These varieties of different plants and herbs each have a unique way in which they assist our bodies naturally by supporting the adrenal system. They've been used for thousands of years to help to naturally balance hormones. Maintaining hormonal balance is key to stress management response on a daily basis.  These little honies adapt to what each individual needs. They have the ability to regulate your individual system accordingly depending on the need of the given moment.

Please read this article by Dr. Axe detailing these incredible God-given gems.

As you will read, some of the plants and herbs specifically help with chronic or adrenal fatigue, while others are more helpful with the sex hormones.

Once more, I am not a physician nor medical professional.  I urge you to seek professional medical advice before embarking on a new journey that may impact your health and well being; especially if you are currently on any medication or supplements. 

Thanks for reading! Ciao! 

~ Barbie


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