What's in the Food Bag?

Dear Reader,

When I share my story, a frequent question I get is "So what does your daily menu look like?" Especially, "What is in your food bag?"  "What do you eat on the road?"

Flying around the country/world presents quite a challenge to one's diet. Airplane and airport food. . .ugh.  Thankfully, there are now some decent options. However, if you are a clean foodie junkie (okay, snob) such as myself, those options become slim to none.  Salads are great, but I prefer organic veggies.  And the dressings in the little packages?? Not so much. Most of the time, loaded with sugar, the nasty oils, and many other ingredients one cannot pronounce.  I'll pass, thanks.

Hotel restaurants or restaurants around our hotels will most definitely present you healthier options. However, I don't eat out at home, so why would I on the road?

As you'll see most of these items do not need heating up. I like to make eating on the fly/road to be simple and quick. For my many friends who want that hot meal, I believe the latest "HOT" (pun intended) topic is the HotLogic Electric Cooker or a 'knock-off' from Amazon. This has become popular to heat up food (in your hotel room not on the plane ;) )

Here are some things you will find in my food bag:

* Always hard boiled eggs - brown & organic (2 a day). I keep a little travel/camping salt & pepper shaker. I peel them at home and put in a baggy. Keep it simple. TIP: Place vinegar in your water while boiling them.  It makes them easier to peel and keeps the smell down. ;)
* Fage Total Plain Greek Yogurt (5%) 7 oz cups. Perfect to peel the lid stir in my "add-ins" and throw away when done.
Add-ins may include but are not limited to protein powder (I use this one); super greens powder (I like this one); unsweetened shredded coconut;  a mixture of ground flax seed, chia seed and hemp seed; and some clear or flavored Stevia.
* "Granola" Cereal with unsweetened almond or coconut milk.  Here is the recipe from my Pinterest board.
* Canned wild caught salmon on a bed of greens & sliced avocado with homemade Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing. Here is the recipe on one condition ;) . . . use FULL FAT sour cream or Greek Yogurt and NOT lowfat. THANK YOU! Of course, if you are like my husband and loathe cilantro, omit it or replace with an herb you do like.
* Snacks: Homemade trail mix like this one
*Beef Jerky (ideally made from grass fed beef)
* Protein bars (these need to be kept cool or they will turn to mush because of the coconut oil). NOTES: For simplicity sake, I have tweeked this one over the years.  It's easier to mix in some Enjoy Life Chocolate chips instead of having another step of making the chocolate topping. My husband prefers maple syrup and a touch of Blackstrap Molasses in lieu of the xylitol/erythritol (not quite as low carb, but there is so little in one bar, it's still a great idea). I also throw in hemp and chia seeds as well.
* Don't forget the egg muffins! Scramble 10 or 12 eggs and add all your favorite veggies, some cheese, and maybe a favorite meat. Pour into a muffin pan (I use silicone - EASY to pop out) or place entire mixture into a greased 13 x 9 and cut into squares.

For lots more ideas please check out this board on My Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!

~ Barbie

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